Souls of the Desert by Robert Roberts

DENVER, COLORADO Mark Sanborn is 7 years old when the death of his big brother is surrounded by mysterious circumstances. Following this childhood tragedy, a strange phobia manifests itself, and over the years, begins to consume him. 

At age 25, Mark finds himself alone after the death of his parents, so he loses himself in his work as a forensic pathologist, leaving no time for friends or a social life of any kind. His life dramatically changes the day he meets Iris Blue, an attractive waitress and nursing student. After a whirlwind romance, he’s certain that he has found his soulmate, the woman of his dreams.

A discovery in a faraway desert requires investigation and expertise of forensic scientists and medical personnel from around the world. Mark hesitates, but then decides to embark on this bizarre expedition. The scientists are in a state of shock when evidence points to the existence of an alien species. 

No one is prepared for what secrets are buried with the souls of the desert. 


Souls of the Desert is Robert Roberts second novel and it does not disappoint. Have you ever wondered if we are visited by beings from another world? Do you ever wonder what they might look like, or why they would be here? Roberts has given that ‘alien question’ a new twist.

With well developed characters and vivid imagery Souls of the Desert takes you on a journey to faraway deserts, Mexico, and other interesting destinations. The novel guides you through the loss, loneliness and soul searching that Mark feels after Iris, his true love, disappears suddenly. When you think you’ve got it all figured out, the novel adds a new twist and takes you on another direction.

From beginning to end Souls of the Desert keeps you hooked, looking for answers. Eventually the answers are forthcoming, but not at all what you expect. If you are at all interested in aliens and strange mysteries, with a little intrigue mixed in, you’ll enjoy this novel. This second novel by Robert Roberts is another well written hit that I would recommend to anyone with a taste for the unknown.

You can purchase Souls of the Desert on: | CreateSpace

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