As a voracious reader I read a gazillion books every year and I would like to think, I could be wrong, that I have a good understanding of most books and can spot most problems (ie: spelling, formatting, etc.). I started posting reviews on Goodreads about 2 years ago and have now started this blog to share them with a wider audience. I am especially happy to review books by Indie authors, they can use all the help they can get as far as I’m concerned.

My reviews are not long drawn out ramblings that take forever to read through, as a reader looking for new books I find short informative reviews much better and skip over ones that are almost a book on their own. I give an idea of what the book is about, point out areas that I think didn’t ‘work’, what I think of the book overall, and who I think would enjoy it. I will also include a link to purchase the book, usually on I do not associate with B&N but if there is anywhere else the author would like the book linked to I am always happy to oblige.

When I post a review on Misty Bay I do not accompany that review with a star rating, I find it is a distraction from the real content and it has no real bearing on what I think of the book. If you are looking for the star rating you’ll find it on Goodreads and Amazon, where I also post my reviews.

My reviews are based on my own opinion of the book and it’s content. No book will get special treatment, whether it was given to me by the author for review, or I won it on a giveaway, or I bought it myself. Every book gets equal treatment, and will be read in what I hope is a timely manner. During the summer months it will take a little longer to get a book read and reviewed (I’m outside enjoying Mother Nature) but I still read about two books a week during those months. During the winter months reviews will be posted quicker because I’m hibernating by the fire with a book. 😀

When a book rates two stars (or less) on Goodreads I will not post the review on Misty Bay until the author has read the review, I don’t want to give hard working authors bad press. There are a lot of reasons why a book may rate lower on the star chart so it doesn’t always mean something bad, it could be it’s just not my kind of book. If the author decides, after reading the review on Goodreads, that they want it posted on Misty Bay then I will indeed post it.

Now that’s I’ve bored you to death I’ll give you an idea of the type of books I read. I read mostly thrillers, fantasy, westerns, non-fiction, historical fiction, the list goes on and on. The only thing I really don’t get into are romance and erotica. I will read some romance as long as there is a real plot with mystery and intrigue, if it’s just your plain ole ‘she-looses-guy-gets-guy-looses-guy’ soap opera type I’m at all interested, I’m not a ‘fluff’ kind of girl. 😉