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Two men. One has goodness, the other only the appearance of it. Like flip sides of a coin, one represents every girl’s dream, handsome and rich. While the other lives an isolated existence, scarred and damaged from a life lived in the trenches. Both are hunters. Both are hunted. And both want the same woman.

Hell On The Heart by Nancy Brophy is a romantic suspense that probes an eclectic community of gypsies who manage to keep one foot firmly in the world of magic, while becoming masters of the technical world. The world of the gypsies comes to live in vivid colour and charismatic characters.

While Cezi Romney battles her destiny, John Stillwater battles to keep her alive and her community safe and Cain, a sexual predator, attempts to have Cezi as his own. With compelling characters and robust cultures Nancy Brophy has weaved a unique story of human trafficking, forensic science, Native American culture and gypsy beliefs.

This novel is well worth the reading and will appeal to a wide range of mystery/suspense fans.

You can purchase Hell On The Heart at: Amazon.com | Kobo Books


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On his eighteenth birthday, Ryan Knighton was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a congenital disease that would eventually leave him blind. In this penetrating, nervy memoir, Knighton tells his story of going blind and growing up, while incidentally revealing the sighted world in all its peculiarity.

Knighton learns to drive while unseeing, navigates the punk rock scene (where banging into things is acceptable), and enters into his first significant relationship–with a deaf woman, naturally. While stumbling literally and emotionally into darkness, into love, and into adulthood, he enters into a truce, if not acceptance, of his identity as a blind man.

Cockeyed is not a conventional confessional. Ricocheting between meditation and black comedy, Knighton is irreverent in words and impatient with the preciousness we’ve come to expect from books on disability. Readers will find it hard to put down this wild ride around their everyday world with a wicked smart, blind guide at the wheel.


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Set in the late seventeenth century Eastern Atlantic, this epic adventure of brotherly love and betrayal shadows two orphans, Davy and Joseph, who come to bond tighter than blood. But they are soon ripped apart by a tragic event that will set into motion the birth of tyrannous revenge on behalf of their loss and place them each on a daring journey to find one another. Following many eventful years, the pirate Black-Hearted, along with Scurvy Shaw and Isabel, will find a mortal enemy in Daniel Stirvin, a captain in the Queen’s Royal Navy. Black-Hearted and Captain Stirvin must face a traitorous tangle of lies and deceit trailing back to an unexpected past, unraveling an even deeper conspiracy of vengeance that will haunt them to the bitter end. Unable to abandon their cause or their men, Black-Hearted and Captain Stirvin will be forced to fight unwillingly to the death.

Port of Errors, by Steve Cypert, is a tale of pirates, tall ships, damsels in distress, tyranny, friendship, a whole conglomeration of actions and emotions and characters all rolled into one fast paced story set in the Atlantic in the 1700s. Travelling back and forth between England, Spain and France you’re taken on a journey with colourful characters who start out as friends then become enemies, then friends again. Their tale is chock full of wins and losses, and friends and foes as they grow from young boys in an orphanage to swashbuckling pirates and sailors in the English Navy.


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Jane woke up to find several things wrong; she was in a hospital, she’d been in a coma for over four weeks, it wasn’t 2007 like she last remembered, it was 2010, and she was married to a man she didn’t know. Dreams of a mysterious green building infiltrate her sleep, but are they just dreams or are they memories? As she struggles to recapture a life she doesn’t remember she discovers clues to a lost love and dangerous experiments that lead to murder. More flashes of memory and a re-acquaintance with an old scientist lead her to an investigation into the mystery of the green building and the discovery of horrific experiments that end in murder… and something worse than murder. 
She learns her best friend has betrayed her and the husband she is trying know and love is not who he says he is. With her trust shattered and her life precariously close to falling apart, she is more dedicated than ever to finding out who is behind the green building and the horrible things that happened there, that happened to her there. The more she learns, the more danger she is in. 

Margaret Millmore, author of Doppelganger Experiment, has ventured into the world of thrillers and given it a kick in the pants. Are the ideas expressed in this novel possible? Could they be happening now, in our time, with no one being the wiser? There are few of us who haven’t been told at one time or another that someone saw our ‘double’, also known as a doppelgänger. As I was reading this novel I couldn’t help but think of The Matrix (movie) and how this story could be a prequel to the movie.


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On a dark Ozark highway, two souls meet in tragedy and find their lives are connected to things bigger than them both. Megan Crunk, a social worker from Joplin, uncovers vampires preying on a small community. That same day, she meets Garrett, a fascinating stranger who is clearly more than he seems. But, as Meg slowly learns, so is she…
Garrett Terago is an ancient dragon, and until now, content with the secluded Ozark mountains. Disguised as a human, but rarely paying them heed, until he meets Megan. He offers her love and protection from the vampires but can he keep her safe from his own kind? 
War looms between the dragons. Some long for a time lost to prehistory, when they were worshiped as gods, masters of the world. Somehow, Garrett is instrumental to their plans and Megan is in their way.

Sean Poindexter, author of The Shadow of Tiamat, combines fantasy and erotic romance to transport the reader into Garrett and Megan’s world. The dragons dazzle you, the vampires are detestable, and the regular folk are just regular folk working and living in ignorant bliss. Poindexter’s writing gives you incredible imagery and keeps a steady flow of thrills and spills with vibrant characters and rich scenes that keep you in it’s grip from beginning to end.


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Barnes & Noble

So, where do you reside? Do you have a US address? I sure don’t and that means I can’t buy a digital book from bn.com.

I’ve contacted Barnes & Noble more than once after trying to buy a digital book, this time it was a free download. Each and every time it tells me I have to have a US shipping address to proceed with my ‘purchase’. I’m not sure what my shipping address has to do with a digital book but that’s what it tells me. So, this time, instead of emailing BN about the problem I used their handy chat support.

I was told that I have to have a US shipping address, and a US Credit Card to buy a digital book from bn.com. Even though I copied this previous contact from B&N after the last time I tried to buy a digital book….

“When you are checking for the availability of an NOOKbook title on bn.com to our Canadian customers, look for the message ?These items ship to US and Canadian addresses only? which appears under the Available for Download field.  You can purchase these eBooks with confidence if you are in a US or Canadian location.”

…the ‘person’ on the chat told me ‘oops!’ you have to have a US address and Credit Card to buy from bn.com. I asked “Why do I have to have a US address to download a digital book?”  He replied “Sorry for the inconvenience”

Will I ever try again? Nope, I am about to delete my account with them. I can’t believe that in this day and age of digital books that B&N can’t figure out how to send a book via email outside US borders.  It’s almost laughable.

Thank Goodness my e-reader isn’t a Nook!

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